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Matches Not Played Postponements & Concessions
Matches Not Played Postponements & Concessions

If bad weather is forecast for your area you will need to check your pitch (or be informed by the venue office) early enough to inform your opponents and any appointed umpires before they depart on match day.
To do this you will need to know their departure time, You may have chosen to ask them for their departure time when confirming the match, or you may make contact to find out by phone or email once you suspect that bad weather could be an issue on match day. The earlier notice you can give, the better.
‘Away’ teams could also take the initiative if they are concerned about weather issues and contact the home team, but the onus is on the home team to make sure that away teams know the state of pitches before they travel.

All home teams (or their club) are expected to record either a result if a match is played, or enter the match as postponed on the YHA Website. This must be done in the time frame laid out in the YHA League Rules for reporting of match results. Failure to do this may result in a fine.

Men’s & Women’s Leagues top three divisions (Premier, Div 1 & Div 2): home team to enter the result to the YHA Website by 19.00 hrs on match day.
Men’s, Men’s Development & Women’s Leagues remaining divisions (Divisions 3 and downwards): home team to enter the result to the YHA Website by 19.00 hrs on match day.
  • Results or notification of postponement can be texted to 07936 5151230 if you are unable to enter these details directly to the YHA Website. Texting should only be used as a last resort.
  • Away teams are encouraged to also enter match results. This provides a backup if for any reason the home team is unable to enter a result, and also, if the same result is entered as the home team, gives a confirmation of the result.
  • If different results are entered by the home and away team, the YHA Website system will flag this up and the Division Representative can enter the result as shown on the signed match report form.

When rearranging postponed matches on the YHA Website please ‘un-tick’ the fixture’s POSTPONEMENT box then click SAVE before making any changes.
This will remove the POSTPONED status, then make changes to date, start time and/or venue as necessary
If the postponed status is not removed before the fixture is info is amended, the fixture will continue to show as ‘Postponed’ on the live website.

PLEASE NOTE: When changing the start time of a fixture you need to use the 24-hour clock system.
This means that a fixture at 1.30 p.m. needs to added as 13:30; 3.00 p.m. as 15:00 etc.
If a 1.30 p.m. fixture is added to the website as 01:30, this will imply that the fixture starts as 1.30 a.m.!
Make sure that the time format has a ‘:’ (a colon) between the hour and the minute numbers otherwise the system will not save the change.
Always check any changes you have made on the ‘live’ YHA Website to make sure you have got it right!

If a match is not played on its due date for any reason, that match must be recorded on the YHA Website as ‘Postponed’ and a short reason given for not being played: i.e. frozen pitch, or; [team name] short of players, etc.

If one of the teams involved in any match not played ‘concedes’ the match, that information must be emailed to the Division Representative who is the sole arbiter as to whether the match should be conceded or rearranged.
If the Division Representative agrees with the concession of the match, it will be the Division Representative who enters the 3-0 score line to the YHA Website plus a note stating that it has been conceded.
Clubs or teams must not enter a result of 3-0 to matches conceded by opponents unless specifically instructed to do so by the Division Representative.

Click here to download the above information

You can email your Division Representative using the CONTACT THE YHA option in the OTHER LINKS box on the left of the YHA WEBSITE HOME PAGE.

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YHA Web Manager
Andy Pettigrew

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