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Thursday 01 January 1970 - 01:00:20

� We start this season with the World Cups for men and women both taking place in Europe and with unprecedented coverage available. Please take the opportunity to watch the best in the world and the representatives from our own County who will be playing for England men and women as well as Leeds-based umpire Hamish Jamson. Success at the highest level will bring more people into our sport and I know that if this happens at Yorkshire Clubs they will be well looked after.

In Yorkshire we have more people involved in the game than any other county in the North and probably one of the highest playing populations in the country. Our success at club, county and regional level is a testament to all those people who make things happen week in week out and this success is also represented across a wide range of groups involved in the running of our game at both regional and national level. I pay tribute to everyone who ensures our sport functions so well for so many participants. Young people are vital to our sport but so are all those members who regularly turn out every weekend, drive their cars, umpire as well as play and take a role on a committee. Please remember to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone in your club throughout the season – it is the reason so many of us remain involved in the game !

Andy Tapley
YHA President

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