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 FAQ #7
What are the buttons underneath some text fields for?
Some text fields allow you to enter lots of text for displaying on the website (for example, content pages).

Often, these text fields have a series of buttons underneath them. These butons allow you to add some simple formatting for your text, cahnge the colour and size and add pictures. You can think of them as being similar to features you would find in a word processor (such as Microsoft Word).

The general rule, when using the buttons, is to highlight the piece of text you want to format then click the button (though there are some exceptions, as noted below). Also, if you move your mouse over the button, you will see a brief description of the button in the help field just above the buttons.

The buttons just add some special codes to your text - you will be able to see these codes - that can be understood by the website software. Once you get used to the codes you can just type them in without using the buttons.

The buttons you will see are:

link allows you to reference the web address (or URL) of another web page. This will appear as a link in your text. This button inserts the appropriate codes at the end of the text (it is designed to be used 'as you type'. You must replace the text hypertext url with the web address you want to link to.

b make the text bold

i makes the text italic

u underlines the text

img allows you to insert a picture. The codes for the picture will be inserted at the end of your text and you must type the website address of the picture between the two codes. If you do not know the website address of the picture you will not be able to reference it.

center aligns the text centrally.

left aligns the text left.

right aligns the text right.

bq (block quote) displays the text indented from the left and inside a box, normally use for quotes or to make a paragraph stand out.

code displays the text in a mono spaced font. This is usefull for entering text that is in columns as all the columns will line up correctly.

html is used for entering HTML codes, it's use is not recommended unless you know what you are doing.

Color select a colour for your text

Size select a size for your text

Here's some examples of the above codes in action.

this is bold text
this is large red centered text

this is block quote text

this is code (mono spaced) text

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